Behind the Scenes: Hot and Bothered

By Travis Milne Aug 05, 2010

Travis Milne - Rookie BlueAs we are gearing up to tape the second season of Rookie Blue, it's awesome to think about how far we have come with our characters. To get ready to play the part of Chris, we did a week of intensive training with a number of real cops. One guy came in from New York and one guy was from Toronto, and they taught us the basic fundamentals of being a police officer as well as some of the techniques of how they apprehend criminals. This ranged from learning how to cuff somebody, how to get someone in and out of the cop car, how to take someone down when running, how to fight with the night stick as well as gun placement and use. At this point I am like a kid in a candy shop! I always tell my friends I'm "livin' the dream" now... and this was part of it.

While we got a lot of basic training done, we didn't want to be over-prepared because we are supposed to be "rookies". Knowing it all on the show is not the point; it's about knowing enough and learning through error. So I forcefully held back the reins a bit with the technical knowledge of being a police officer because I wanted to leave that open for spontaneity with my character. I wanted those reactions of not knowing to be real. That's what is so wonderful and different about our show, we are not perfect cops, we're human, we make errors, however we always try our best. This show is so relatable because it's like the first day on the job for anyone. The only difference is mistakes in this job can get you killed.

It's a really exciting time frame in the Rookie Blue episodes for Chris, my character, because we get to know him a little bit better. Chris is starting to get some cool assignments, and there is going to be more of him in the next few episodes. I don't want to give away what is going to happen but there are going to be some cool character twists lined up. It will be a lot of fun to watch and it was a lot of fun to play. While Andy is the main story line, we have these great ensemble stories taking part around her that add so many wonderful layers to the show. Throughout the season, we focus a little bit more on Dov in some parts, a little bit more on Traci, a little bit more on Gail, and now with this episode and a couple of episodes down we really get to see a little bit more of Chris. I'm really excited about it, and a little nervous. I hope people like what they see. I got to work with some really phenomenal directors throughout the whole show, and that really set my mind at ease knowing they had it covered.

Living in the city for Chris is harder then he thought... it's a total culture shock, it's a tough thing for a person sometimes, but it's a fun thing to play as an actor. Being able to unfold Chris's journey as he makes his way through this giant, new and somewhat foreign place has been great. One of my favorite conservative exposure themes was in one of the first episodes. It was a story line of this dad who was searching for his son. The dad violently rejected him after finding out he was homosexual, causing the son to run away. Then that dad finds out that his boy has been killed. It was a heartbreaking story, but really made me realize Chris may be from a small town, but he has a huge heart. That was also the episode where I wore the white pants. Boy did I get a huge reaction to that outfit! The second those pants hit the frame, my Twitter page was loaded with comments for about a week. 

Enjoy the show!