Behind the Scenes: Bullet Proof

By Enuka Okuma Jul 30, 2010

Enuka Okuma - Rookie BlueThis week, I'm in the mood to talk about favorites. Why not? Considering that lately, I've been asked about my favorite moments and favorite scenes on Rookie Blue. I've also been asked about my favorite moments and scenes in the world beyond Rookie Blue too—so why not visit them all again here?

I think my favorite memories from season one would definitely have to be the days we shot in the parade room. The scene usually comes up near the beginning of each episode, and all the rookies and training officers are given a briefing. On those days, the entire cast was usually in, and the silliness, rowdiness, and fun that would abound were downright out of control! We just really enjoyed making each other laugh, but that doesn't make it easy to get any work done. We got in trouble a lot. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

If I had to pick a favorite kind of scene to shoot on Rookie Blue, between an action scene, a drama scene and a romantic scene, I guess I would have to pick... all of them? 

What can I say?! Each type of scene presents different things to love, and different things that challenge me. I love the adrenaline rush from an action scene, but I don't really like having to do too much physical action take after take. I get tired! I love a good meaty dramatic scene, but I always fight the urge to doubt if I'm doing the writer's words justice. I respect them so much. Romantic scenes can be silly and fun, but it's also pretty scary, embarrassing and strange, especially if you don't know the person! 

Noam Jenkins, who plays Traci Nash's love interest Detective Jerry Barber, was somebody I didn't know before Rookie Blue. I'll never forget the day I was out on the weekend during season one ofRookie Blue, and a woman I had never met before came up to me in the park said, "Hi. You're Enuka? You've been making out with my husband!" It was Noam's wife and she and I still laugh our heads off at how we first met each other.

Outside of Rookie Blue, it would be pretty hard to narrow down the most memorable scene I've ever shot, so instead I'll just pick one that makes me laugh. I'll rephrase that. It makes me laugh now. It didn't when it first happened.

I remember shooting a TV movie once, where my character's life was being threatened. I was being forced over the ledge of a balcony in a high rise building. Myself and the actor who was holding me over the ledge were so into the scene, and for over an hour he wrenched one of my arms behind my back with all his might while we shot it. And I let him. Well, the next day, I was lopsided. Completely lopsided, with one arm longer than the other! I kid you not. I am also not joking when I tell you it took MONTHS to get back to normal. Lastly, I will also tell you, that it was during that experience I learned the lesson that one need not give EVERYTHING to their art.

There's just too many favorites to mention in such a short space, so I guess this will have to do for now. I'm off to make more memories and gather more favorite moments on the season two set ofRookie Blue. Stay tuned!