Behind the Scenes: Bullet Proof

By Gregory Smith Jul 30, 2010

Gregory Smith - Rookie BlueI've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to enjoy the news of our second season yet! However, I will be celebrating when I head to the Bahamas this week. Of course, that was planned ahead of time, but now I feel as though I've earned it...

I actually found out about our renewal through Twitter. Our fans were posting the good news as soon as it was announced. We are now going to start taping the next season during the second week of August. In the meantime, I am actually going to take a little bit of time off before we start up again. After the Bahamas, I head to San Francisco, Park City, and Los Angeles where I am going to spend time with friends and then come back and stay in Toronto for six months.

Toronto is the best city in the world to live in, and even though I have only spent a small amount of time here; it feels like home already.

When it comes to acting, the hardest part of it for me tends to be humor because, of course, comedy is subjective. Just because you are acting out something that is funny on the set doesn't mean that is going to be that way on screen and vice versa. The key to being funny is not to play it as a joke, but to be serious. 

In this series, a lot of the situations that Epstein gets into tend to end up being pretty funny but it is the farthest thing from a joke in his mind. Having to strip search a transsexual, for example, is serious police business for him and hopefully the comedy comes out of that. Comedy is pretty new to me and it's still terrifying. That said, most of my career I have done scenes that are pretty dramatic and emotional, so comedy is always a welcome relief! 

Our next episode is pretty powerful, and I think one of our best. Guest star John Pyper-Ferguson played a guy that is a real creep but he just knocked it out of the park! In addition, Missy's character Andy gets herself into a situation where she is pretty vulnerable as a non-uniform police officer and a woman. The circumstances become pretty hairy. I know that she did a narration for it the other day and said that one of the climatic scenes took several days for her to shake off because it felt so real.

As we look toward the rest of the season, Epstein will start to grow. He starts off so excited, earnest, anxious, and naï:ve. But over the course of the season, the invincibility of youth wears off and gives way to a more solid foundation of reality. I look forward to fans following him on his journey. 

Thanks for watching!