Behind the Scenes: Bullet Proof

By Travis Milne Jul 30, 2010

Travis Milne - Rookie BlueThanks to all the fans of our show, I am totally on cloud nine! It's been an absolute thrill ride so far and getting ready for the second time around is just that much sweeter. It's so great to know that our audience loves it and want to see more Rookie Blue. It just motivates me that much more.

The way I originally booked Rookie Blue is an interesting story. It all started in Vancouver, oddly enough I was acting out there for a couple of years and I was running out of money. Needless to say, things weren't too hot for me. The recession was happening and I wasn't getting any acting work, so I told myself I was going to go back to school to study power engineering in my hometown college. I got in and was getting ready to go back to school, when I got an email from the producers of another feature film that I did, Leslie, My Name is Evil, which got into the Toronto International Film Festival last year. They called me to let me know they were having a screening with the cast and to come out, watch, and just have a really fun time.

Of course, I flew out and within the week my entire life had changed. Rookie Blue producers Ilana Frank and David Wellington went to the screening of the movie, saw me in the film and said "That's who we want in Rookie Blue as Chris." I wasn't even an actor anymore when I bookedRookie Blue, I was just a regular guy! 

I actually called my agent the week before and said "I quit, I'm done." Then I got a call after the screening to audition and I thought that it couldn't hurt, so I will go in one last time, take it or leave it. I got another call two days later. They said, "We really, really like you and we want to see you again. We want to bring you back and do a network screening test in Toronto." After the callback in Toronto, I got a call for the third time, this time to audition for CanWest/Global and ABC in California. At this point I thought, "Ok, if I get back into LA and I test for this thing, and it doesn't happen, I am literally going to be crushed." 

After Los Angeles, I had to wait a week before I heard anything and it was the longest week of my life. But I got the call on a Friday afternoon while I was traveling. My agent called and said they are talking about contracts and they wanted to book me for the show. Needless to say, I was in awe and ecstatic. I mean, I lost my mind! I am like the Rocky story of 2009. I was broke. I was in debt at this point. I had to go back to school or I wasn't going to be able to pay my bills. 

So here I am now with an incredible cast and crew and appreciative to have this show in my life. Thanks to all the fans for helping us make this show such a success. I am truly grateful.