Behind the Scenes: Different, Not Better

By Gregory Smith and Priscilla Faia Jun 24, 2013

It's time to go behind the scenes of Rookie Blue season four with exclusive commentary from the cast and creators of the show. This week, series veteran Gregory Smith (Dov Epstein) welcomes newcomer Priscilla Faia (Chloe Price) and asks about her first day.

Gregory Smith: Who was the nicest person to you on your first day, and who was the meanest?

Priscilla Faia: Charlotte actually emailed me a week before I even got to Toronto to welcome me to the show, which was really, really nice. I will put this on record—if it wasn’t for Greg helping me through this first episode I don’t think that I would have made it. It’s true, it’s true, and you were such a great support for me. We kind of just got thrown in, right?

GS: Were you intimidated by anyone? Cast or crew?

PF: No I wasn’t really. It was our first day shooting and—oh, there she is. First day of shooting was when we’re in the car—it was intimidating because everything was happening and it was scary.

GS: It happened so fast.

Sounds like an exciting first day, right?