Behind the Scenes: Homecoming

By Missy Peregrym and David Wellington May 29, 2013

It's time to go behind the scenes of Rookie Blue season four with exclusive commentary from the cast and creators of the show. This week, series star Missy Peregrym and director David Wellington reveal some new tidbits about both Missy and her character, Andy McNally.

Missy Peregrym: I remember when David pulled me aside for this scene and said: “What's going on with you? “

David Wellington: What was going on with you?

MP: Sometimes I get really insecure about being an actress—I should probably get a day job. This was one of those moments. I was so rigid.

DW: But you’re so good here.

MP: Yeah, but we only got it on the last take.


DW: A new character trait I didn't know about Andy McNally all of these years—she's cheap.

MP: That's upsetting.

DW: No, no, she’s not. She just doesn’t know how much iced tea cost.

MP: How come I don't have a car? Can I get a car for season 5?

What do you think, should Andy get her own wheels for season 5?