Behind the Scenes: Honor Roll

  • By Charlotte Sullivan

Charlotte Sullivan - Rookie BlueYou know you're Gail Peck when:

1. You wish you were Andy the cheerleader from The Goonies.
2. You cry while watching Labyrinth but only because you wish David Bowie would magically appear and randomly juggle glass balls for you at a moment's notice.
3. You have a dream where Vincent Price is your long lost father.
4. Your English bulldog humps your leg while you eat kale chips.
5. You believe Detective Luke Callaghan is three seconds away from leather chaps and a rubber suit.
6. You wear a retainer.
7. You sometimes lay in an empty bathtub while talking on the phone....romance!!

To be honest this sounds more like "you know you're Charlotte Sullivan when...". Blasphemy!! I'll just impose all my beliefs upon Gail because I have absolute POWER!!

Last week's live tweet was like an anxiety ridden mushroom trip. The questions were flying at me with lightning speed. Some advice... don't eat broccoli and mashed potatoes while tweeting. You can choke and die. The bottom line is Rookie Blue fans are sweeter than a bouquet of marshmallows wrapped in cotton candy. I want to answer every single question wholeheartedly but I feel really guilty when I can't.

I just got off the phone with Matthew Gordon aka Oliver Shaw. We were pretending it was 40 years into the future. We tried to imagine what our conversation would be like. I somehow turned into a Jewish bubby from the Bronx and Matty kept saying "Come and visit me in Florida" in a rickety old man voice.

The filming of season two is upon us. I can't wait to ceremoniously immerse myself in cop paraphernalia much like Marianne Faithfull did with poetry in the 1960's.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I actually read for Traci Nash originally and when I left the audition room, I threw my scenes in the garbage. I called my agent and told her I BOMBED and went on with my life. I left for Vancouver to shoot Alice the miniseries and I then I got a call saying, ""You got the job kid only not of Traci, got sourpuss Gail." My eyeballs had a sort of quasi-thyroidial convexity. What in bloody hell were they smoking? 

Befuddling opium-induced casting decisions aside, I was totally jazzed to the max to do this show. The toughest thing about playing Gail is that she doesn't play well in the sandbox with the other rookies. I don't mean to get all mushy but in reality I love each and every one of those stink bombs.

What can I reveal about Peck? Well, she has a club foot and loves making out with Chris Diaz in random places i.e. Police squad cars...That's my girl!!!

Later my little Rookie Blue creatures. I'll see you on the moon.


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