Behind the Scenes: Honor Roll

By Missy Peregrym Aug 12, 2010

Missy Peregrym - Rookie BlueIt's been a few weeks since I've written and I want to start out by saying that I'm really excited about how interactive the fans have become about Rookie Blue. Like I've stated earlier, I've never been apart of a project where I've seen such an active participation in the opinions of the story line or characters. When it comes to Andy's love life, it's been hilarious to see who people vote for, and Sam Swarek is currently leading by a LOT. Luke! Get it together!!!

The last couple of weeks, I've been hanging out in a cabin across from the beach relaxing before we start filming season 2, and I know that sounds a bit luxurious but would you still agree if I told you that I have slugs in the shower? At least two every day, and this morning my foot definitely brought death to one of them, and almost to myself after slipping on the slime. It was a weird feeling to feel bad for hurting it while screaming curse words because I was so grossed out and also slamming into the walls trying to get a grip. Other than that, things have been pretty smooth.

As for "work," I had to complete my first international conference call to talk about the show, since it's premiering in other countries in the next couple of weeks... and that was a bit awkward. You sit on the phone with about 25 journalists who all have different accents so not only is it hard to hear, but also hard to always understand. At one point, I thought someone asked me if my opinion of "Pot" has changed since working on the show and I almost started to answer through my laughter because I thought the question was a bit random... I decided to double check, and she said "cop". I'm glad I asked her to clarify, otherwise my answer could have been really inappropriate.

One thing I have to always keep in mind is that sarcasm is not always understood over the phone, ESPECIALLY overseas, so I have to be a bit straight with my answers. A lot of the times, you get the same questions, so it's not tough to prepare for the interview, but there have been some days where I literally can't think of one intelligent descriptive word about my character or the show, and all of a sudden everything becomes "amazing." It's kind of like Chris from The Bachelorette whenever he was asked to describe his mother while he was growing up. There's nothing worse than being aware of how dumb you sound and the harder you try, the worse it gets. (ok, there are a lot worse things... but I don't enjoy this).

In this week's episode, I work a lot with Travis and it was a riot. Trav is really good at physical comedy, like actually hitting me in the face with a cardboard cut out while I'm holding the door open for him. Keep in mind we had to film that about 10 times with all the angles. This episode kind of focuses on strife within the division, and shady cops, and if I remember correctly (since it feels like we filmed this 100 years ago) Andy hooks up with Gail. KIDDING. That doesn't happen.

OH! I want to talk about the live tweet from last week. It gave me heartburn. It really did, but only because I was overwhelmed with the turnout and I was trying really hard to get back to everyone ASAP! Or maybe it was because I was watching the show with my parents and at the end of the episode I hook up with Sam and it was kind of heavy... and I was SO uncomfortable. The only thing I could think of in the moment was to make a lot of noise and flail around to distract from the scene. It didn't occur to me that I could have used the remote that was in my hand to shut it off. Next time, next time. Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for staying up on the East Coast (and in other countries) to ask questions and connect with me. My favorite question was "Can you lift up one eyebrow or both to make a bumpy road?"... I was honestly stumped for a reply. I mean, obvious answer, only one eyebrow, but I've been trying for almost a week to create a cul-de-sac.