Behind the Scenes: I Never

By Ben Bass and Tassie Cameron Sep 06, 2012


It's time to go behind the scenes of Rookie Blue season three with exclusive commentary from the cast and creators of the show. This week, star Ben Bass and Executive Producer/Writer Tassie Cameron talk about her writing.

Ben Bass: Sam Swarek
Once we do an episode I can never remember anything about it. One thing I wanted to say about Tassie's writing that I was thinking of during my morning meditation, is that I find that it's always multi-dimensional. What's going on, on the surface is one thing but there are always other things going on underneath that. The nature of a scene will have positive aspects to it; things are great you have these great moments, but there are other elements and connections that are complicated and the edges are jagged like in real life. Nothing is ever one thing. And you do it instinctively. These things are at play all of the time. Nothing feels done in isolation.

Tassie Cameron: Executive Producer/Writer
That is a very lovely thing to hear. Maybe it's because I never see things as entirely positive... But also it's the very nature of writing for television. You have to pack so much into one scene. You don't have time to have it be just about one thing. You want to make it something that people could watch a couple of times if they wanted to and get something different from it. You have very limited real estate. So you try to make it dense and interesting from different angles.