Behind the Scenes: Mercury Retrograde

  • By Gregory Smith

Rookie Blue - Mercury Retrograde - Dov Epstein and Oliver ShawI can't believe the response we've been getting! The reception to this show has been overwhelming and it has exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you.

You don't even let yourself hope that the show would do as well as it did for the first week, but it did and that is great. It's been nothing but euphoria for a couple of days. Of course, now the stress is even higher this week than it was last week. So it is a combination of euphoria and now anxiousness as we wait for episode two. 

I was in LA for the launch and then I came back yesterday to Toronto. Because of the show, I was invited to fly on a plane with Richard Branson which was pretty cool, and I enjoyed tweeting about it. On Friday morning I was woken up with a barrage of emails so I have been emailing back to family and friends and getting people to watch the show. It's kind of been weird for the first episode because you are in a holding pattern because you don't know if you will be going back or not. You don't know if you should be packing up the house and getting ready for work. 

But I have to say that so far, fans have been very promising. The biggest criticism that I have gotten is that people were upset that I was stuck behind the desk for the first episode, but that is going to change this week! Hopefully, people will be happy to see that.

I was actually a little nervous about the reception from fans because my show Everwood was very loved and I had quite a big following. I knew going into this that Epstein and and Ephram would be two very different characters. I was worried that it might be a little bit difficult for people that were expecting me to be a little bit like I was in Everwood. But from what I have heard their reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. I was happy very happy to be offered the role of Epstein as I was waiting for a role that was a little bit different. 

With Epstein, I'm basing the character on a real person who I sat next to in kindergarten. He wanted to be a cop so badly that he would pull people off the playground who were running too fast! I was always fascinated by the idea of someone being dead set on a career or life path from such an early life. So the day you meet Epstein is really the day he has been working for his entire life. He is excited and anxious (maybe a little bit too much at first) but with that kind of purpose you can give him somewhere to go over the course of the season.


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