Behind the Scenes: Signals Crossed

By Missy Peregrym Jul 16, 2010

Missy Peregrym - Rookie BlueFirst of all I want to say I am SO happy to be going back to film a second season! There's one reason for this...YOU - the fans. Thank you for your incredible support and for making yourselves heard, it's made a huge difference, and I speak for everyone from Rookie Blue when I say we are extremely grateful :)

When the news broke, I had just finished taking a nap, so screaming at the top of my lungs didn't quite happen. I actually got very quiet, as if the producer might say "just kidding" at any moment, and when it got awkward on the phone and he asked if I was there, I snapped out of it and laughed. The Rookie Blue team then spent the day exchanging phone calls and we started planning our move back to Toronto.

There's now little time to move out of my apartment in LA, get back to Vancouver to visit with my family (and get my dog), fly to Toronto, find a new place to live and get settled. It's going to go by so fast.

Back to this season, I have a lot of different emotions tied to this week's episode. On one hand, I had so much fun with Charlotte playing an undercover prostitute (who is terrible at the job) and my parents were actually there for part of this episode. They were visiting from Vancouver, and it's always a good time when they're around.

However, when Andy gets into a tough situation—I can't give too much away—I didn't expect to feel so genuinely violated after filming the scenes. All of the actors were incredibly respectful and their performances were great so it wasn't because of them. It was the situation that really bothered me. When you film scenes, especially ones with stunts, it can take a long time to get through it. So even though you're acting, sometimes it feels very real when you live it out for hours on end. Does that make sense?

But I also love this episode because the risks that Dov and Andy take to prove themselves are huge! So you'll see some light humor but it's also mashed together with some serious consequences. Working with Greg on this episode was a lot of fun. When we started filming some of the scenes, there was a natural "bickering" tone that we adapted that sort of carries throughout the rest of the season. It's not much different from us playing on the basketball court during our time off! :)

Thanks again for all your support.

P.S. You guys think Chris Diaz is hot now... Wait until you see him in some tight white pants!!