Behind the Scenes: Surprises

By Peter Mooney and Tassie Cameron May 22, 2013

It's time to go behind the scenes of Rookie Blue season four with exclusive commentary from the cast and creators of the show. This week, star Peter Mooney (Nick Collins) and Executive Producer/Writer Tassie Cameron talk about the theme for the new season and what it's like to get pistol whipped...well, pretend to get pistol whipped.

Tassie Cameron: Ouch.

Peter Mooney: Oh, that hurt to watch. I don’t know if anyone watching at home has ever been pistol whipped, but it’s a horrible experience—it hurts.

TC: You’re so method.

PM: Super method. It was choreographed. That’s just a joke. Safety first.


TC: Sam Swarek running? Believe it or not, this scene took longer to shoot than almost any other one in this episode.

PM: I would imagine, yeah. You cover a lot of ground. I think there was a rig attached to the car.

TC: We needed to change it up. It ties into the season and episode theme—change or die—you’re either part of the steamroller or you’re part of the road.


"Change or die"?! Let's hope everyone at 15 Division is adaptable!