Behind the Scenes: The Kids Are Not Alright

By Charlotte Sullivan and Noelle Carbone Jul 10, 2013

It's time to go behind the scenes of Rookie Blue season four with exclusive commentary from the cast and creators of the show. This week, series star Charlotte Sullivan (Gail Peck) and writer Noelle Carbone talk about making the episode "The Kids Are Not Alright".


On Gail as a Parent
Charlotte Sullivan: Gail is just like Chris's son. She's allergic to everything and even wears a fanny pack. Oh no?!?! What if Christian is really Gail's son?!?!?! Well, at least we know she would be an amazing mother who would leave her baby on the roof of her squad during a high speed chase, let it play with her gun and feed it prison food.
Cat Sanctuaries?
Noelle Carbone: Yes, cat sanctuaries are actually a thing.  I Googled it.
CS: They have places in Japan where you pay to drink tea and pet kitties. I need to move to Japan.
New Actors on the Set
NC: That lady looks familiar. Rookie Blue executive producer Ilana Frank came out of acting-retirement for this one and had the whole cast and crew in stitches.  Especially Peter. 
CS: This lady was so unprofessional and and cost production 300,000 thousand dollars worth of damages because she trashed her trailer. 
Charlotte's Delivery
NC: I love that Charlotte delivers this line with sheer ecstasy on her face and then sits back to watch the (gong) show.  Andy's so lucky to have a friend like Gail.  (Worst. Wingman. Ever.) 
CS: Noelle, the way you write Gail really warms my cold dead heart.
Who Would Charlotte Like to be Paired With?
NC: Part of the fun of writing for an ensemble cast is getting to write scenes for different pairs of actors who normally don't have scenes together.  Writing for Peter and Priscilla was especially fun because I knew they'd be game for anything. 
CS: Can you put me in more scenes with Oliver? 
Real Talk
NC: Teddy's words were meant to be shocking and vicious to shine a light on the kinds of cruel and derogatory language that LGBTQ teens regularly face.
CS: To anyone who is transgendered, gay, lesbian, bisexual or feels like freak please let me say that you are not alone. Your journey to end discrimination and violent hate crimes is a shared battle. I will always stand by you. I feel there is a shift in consciousness happening. We must end the violence and allow everyone their right to love. 
Running Next to Missy
NC: We shot this run and gun with the camera operator holding the camera on the back of a golf cart that was burning rubber after Missy and Charlotte.  
CS: Running next to Missy makes me look like a ventolin puffing diabetic.
More Delivery
NC: Once again Gail voices her epic disdain for camping...  and I laugh out loud at Charlotte's delivery of a line that wasn't at all funny before it came out of her mouth. 
CS: Noelle, you have programmed me to say these words. I am simply a robot without a belly button.