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Behind the Scenes
  • Behind the Scenes: Brotherhood
    • By Travis Milne and Adam Pettle
    This week, star Travis Milne (Chris Diaz) and writer Adam Pettle talk about what it was like learning to ride a horse for Episode 209, "Brotherhood." Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: Monster
    • By Gregory Smith and Enuka Okuma
    This week, stars Gregory Smith (Dov Epstein) and Enuka Okuma (Traci Nash) discuss what it was like dealing with the potential outbreak storyline in Episode 208, "Monster." Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: The One That Got Away
    • By Eric Johnson and Tassie Cameron
    This week, star Eric Johnson (Luke Callaghan) and Executive Producer/Writer Tassie Cameron discuss Luke and Andy's heated conversation at a basketball court in the opening of episode 207, "The One That Got Away." Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: In Plain View
    • By Missy Peregrym and Camille Sullivan
    This week, stars Missy Peregrym (Andy McNally) and Camille Sullivan (Det. Jo Rosati) discuss what it takes to talk like a cop. Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: Stung
    • By Gregory Smith, Travis Milne and Noelle Carbone
    This week, stars Gregory Smith (Dov Epstein) and Travis Milne (Chris Diaz) and writer Noelle Carbone discuss all of that running the rookies do. Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: Heart & Sparks
    • By Noam Jenkins and Morwyn Brebner
    This week, star Noam Jenkins (Det. Jerry Barber) and writer Morwyn Brebner discuss what it's like to write for and act in Jerry and Traci's relationship. Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: Bad Moon Rising
    • By Eric Johnson and Russ Cochrane
    This week, star Eric Johnson (Luke Callaghan) and writer Russ Cochrane discuss how the horror genre influenced this episode. Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: Might Have Been
    • By Charlotte Sullivan and Matt Gordon
    This week, stars Charlotte Sullivan (Gail Peck) and Matt Gordon (Oliver Shaw) discuss what it's like to work with Missy Peregrym and how great Andy McNally looks working undercover. Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: Butterflies
    • By David Wellingthon, Tassie Cameron and Missy Peregrym
    This week, star Missy Peregrym (Andy McNally) and Executive Producers Tassie Cameron and David Wellington discuss a scene in which Andy McNally first meets Detective Jo Rosati, played by series newcomer Camille Sullivan. Read More »

  • Behind the Scenes: Honor Roll
    • By Missy Peregrym
    In this week's episode, I work a lot with Travis and it was a riot. Trav is really good at physical comedy, like actually hitting me in the face with a cardboard cut out while I'm holding the door open for him. Read More »