The Rookie Report: Heart Breakers, Money Makers

By Jim Donnelly Jun 27, 2014

Welcome to the Rookie Report for the "Heart Breakers, Money Makers" episode of Rookie Blue. Here you’ll find highlights, insights and memorable moments involving the recent activities of the coppers of 15 Division. WARNING: There are spoilers here. Enjoy!

Punched in the Heart: It’s Fite Nite! Out in the main boxing area, Nick steps in to fight a bruising brute named Bruno since Duncan bailed. He holds his own for a spell, but his opponent is pretty powerful. Seeing Andy walk in with Sam inspires Nick to press on. That’s a mistake.


Punched in the Gut: Gail is skipping Fite Night because she’s meeting Holly’s friends for the first time. She shares a story about the how her partner once got stabbed and she held his bleeding body in her arms. It’s not exactly a happy story, but at least her partner survived. Later, she overhears what Holly’s friends really think of her.


  It wasn’t all that long ago that Traci was the one representing 15 Division in her first Fite Night.


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Rookie Blue stars Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally, Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein, Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck, Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash, Travis Milne as Chris Diaz, Peter Mooney as Nick Collins, Ben Bass as Sam Swarek, and Priscilla Faia as Chloe Price.