The Rookie Report: Deal with the Devil

By Jim Donnelly Aug 01, 2014

Welcome to the Rookie Report for the "Deal with the Devil" episode of Rookie Blue. Here you’ll find highlights, insights and memorable moments involving the recent activities of the coppers of 15 Division. WARNING: There are spoilers here. Enjoy!

Dress for Success: The days of Oliver in a white shirt are over. Or so he thought. Andy admits to Oliver that she fudged some of the performance reviews to make her rookie seem better than he was. Not good. Andy also ran into him at the Penny where a chat they had was recorded. Really not good. This has Oliver offering a deal to Jarvis. He’ll remain Staff Sergeant at 15 if he uses his power to make Duncan’s case go away.


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On a Bender: Chloe has a birthday tradition of eating popcorn and watching The Breakfast Club. She’s expecting something epic this year from her boyfriend. Dov has other things on his mind as he finds drugs in Chris’s truck. He confronts his friend. The conversation doesn’t go well. To quote John Bender: “Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place.”


Watch the full episode of "Deal with the Devil"

Random Relationship Updates: Sam helps Andy work out her frustrations over the Duncan/Oliver situation on the basketball court. Chloe will likely keep her birthday tradition alive after getting the gift of a DVD and popcorn from her ex, Wes. Gail opens up to Holly about how bad she feels, but to no avail.


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Rookie Blue stars Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally, Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein, Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck, Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash, Travis Milne as Chris Diaz, Peter Mooney as Nick Collins, Ben Bass as Sam Swarek, and Priscilla Faia as Chloe Price.