Rookie Blue Season 6 Premiere Recap: Sam Discovers He Will Be a Father

By Jim Donnelly | Jun 26th, 2015

The officers of 15 Division are back for the Rookie Blue Season 6 Premiere “Open Windows” (original airdate June 25, 2015). Season 5 ended with an evidence room bombing where Andy was caught in the blast. Sam found her shaken, but alive. His ex, Marlo Cruz, is back at 15 working on the Ted McDonald case and carrying the secret that she’s pregnant. Finally, a mystery woman Nick kissed turns out to be Juliet Ward, a new officer at 15 with a mysterious past. For more details, check out the detailed recap for the Season 6 “Open Windows” episode of Rookie Blue.

Vacation All I Ever Wanted: In the three weeks since the evidence room bombing at 15 Division, Andy and Sam are wrapping up a much needed vacation stay at Oliver’s cabin. Too bad these two dedicated officers just can’t seem to find the motivation to head back into the city right away. They have so many things other than work to keep them busy.

Andy & Sam's Romantic Vacation Is Over|After one more game of hide-and-seek.|After surviving the bomb blast at the station, Andy and Sam take a long vacation. They spend three romantic weeks at Oliver's cabin, and Andy doesn't want to go home. They make time for one last sexy make out session before they have to return to real life. Watch this scene from the Season 6 Premiere, "Open Windows," and don't miss Rookie Blue THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC.


Officer Gossip: Nick officially meets Officer Juliet Ward. These two have actually met, and kissed, before. Nick just didn’t know she was a cop. Juliet gets lots of background info on Nick from a rambling Chloe, who reveals lots of info on everyone else, too. One thing that doesn’t come up is how Dov has been getting chummy with the pretty new waitress at The Penny. However, everything else is fair game.

Chloe Tells Juliet the Office Gossip|Chloe is happy to have someone new to talk to.|Officer Juliet Ward's first day on the job is spent on desk duty with Chloe, who feels lonely and isolated after breaking up with Dov. Chloe is excited to have someone new to talk to, and tells Juliet all about Nick and his recent romantic failures, as well as their boss Oliver's girlfriend Celery, the Wiccan. Watch this scene from the Season 6 Premiere, "Open Windows," and don't miss Rookie Blue THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC.


The Boss’s Wife: Chris misses an AA session to make out with a married cocaine addict (who is sober now) in a car outside the meeting venue. To be fair, he didn’t know the woman, Jamie, had a husband until he suggested they go back to her place. Chris gives Gail the scoop on this lady and is later shocked to see her outside the station house. She’s there waiting for her husband, who happens to be Inspector Jarvis.

Diaz Is Dating Inspector Jarvis's Wife|Diaz learns he's having an affair with the boss's wife.|Chris Diaz is in a good place after getting treatment for addiction, and he even has a new girlfriend. He's not happy when Jamie admits she's married, but the situation goes from bad to worse when Diaz runs into her outside 15 Division, where she's waiting for her husband... Inspector Jarvis! Watch this scene from the Season 6 Premiere, "Open Windows," and don't miss Rookie Blue THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC.


Pregnant Pause: Marlo reveals that the evidence room bomb had a different signature that the ones Ted McDonald was using. She also lets Sam know that she’s pregnant with his baby. The shock of this news barely has time to sink in when Andy is attacked in Traci’s apartment. She fends off the masked assailant but the suspect escapes. Later, the truth about Marlo’s baby finally comes out. It doesn’t go well.

Sam Tells Andy Marlo's Pregnant|It's better to know the truth, right?|Marlo's revelation that she is pregnant is yet another complication for Sam and Andy's historically turbulent relationship. Sam finally works up the nerve to tell Andy, but she's already emotional about a setback in their investigation, and can't handle it. She asks Sam for time to process the news, and takes off. Can Sam and Andy's love withstand yet another obstacle? Watch this scene from the Season 6 Premiere, "Open Windows," and don't miss Rookie Blue THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC.


Who Art Thou, Juliet?: After Juliet finishes her first shift, she hops into a car where she informs the driver that she’ll brief him on what she learned inside 15 once they get on the road. This new officer obviously has some secrets.

Who Is Juliet Ward?|Is Officer Ward undercover at 15 Division?|Nick is surprised when the mysterious girl he'd been hoping to run into again walks into the station locker room. Oliver introduces her as Officer Juliet Ward, a police officer who just transferred over from Vancouver PD. But when Juliet meets up with someone after work and promises to brief him about her first day, it's clear she's hiding something. Is Juliet an undercover officer investigating someone at 15 Division? Watch this scene from the Season 6 Premiere, "Open Windows," and don't miss Rookie Blue THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC.



The Cast of Rookie Blue: Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally, Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein, Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck, Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash, Travis Milne as Chris Diaz, Peter Mooney as Nick Collins, Ben Bass as Sam Swarek, and Priscilla Faia as Chloe Price.


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