Amanda Tanner - "Dirty Little Secrets"

By Steve Dove Jun 14, 2012

With Quinn keeping an eye on Amanda Tanner—now Olivia’s newest client whether she likes it or not—the firm began the job of getting ready to face-off against the White House. The only problem was, their client wasn’t exactly cooperative to begin with. For starters? She ran away from the hospital, ditching Quinn, leaving a frazzled Ms. Perkins to beg Huck for help and scramble to try to find her.

To make matters worse for Quinn, a hot, young reporter named Gideon Wallace started sniffing around Amanda Tanner when she was in the hospital, looking for a story and showing an interest in Quinn.

Olivia caught Quinn begging for help in the office and went with her to Amanda’s apartment to apologize for what she’d said to her in the park. The apology was very much NOT accepted, but Olivia pressed on, warning Amanda that her life was going to be ruined if she accused the President without her help. Eventually, Amanda reconsidered, and it’s a good thing, because that reporter was not about to give up on that lead....