Amanda Tanner - "Enemy of the State"

By Steve Dove Jun 28, 2012

Amanda Tanner is pregnant and she's claiming that President Fitzgerald is the father!

Still thinking that Olivia and Amanda are blackmailing the President, Cyrus tells Olivia he's willing to offer Amanda Tanner $10 million to go away. But Amanda isn't interested in money. She wants to keep her baby and she wants to tell the world just what kind of man the President is. Olivia and her team begin to prep Amanda for what's coming if she goes through with her plan, and we see Amanda make a secret phone call to someone saying she can't go through with this and that she wants to tell "the truth."

Cyrus tells the President about the pregnancy and how bad this entire thing is going to get. Fitz contemplates actually giving up his office, but the First Lady won't hear of it. She convinces him that he needs to fight and that's just what he does, telling Cyrus that the real problem they need to deal with is Olivia Pope. Cyrus takes that message straight to Olivia, letting her know that the White House has just declared war on her.

Meanwhile, as Amanda Tanner waits alone in Olivia's apartment, a masked figure grabs her from behind, injects her with something and carries her off!