Case File - Quinn Perkins: "White Hat's Off"

By Steve Dove Sep 28, 2012
David RosenIt’s been some time since Quinn Perkins was arrested in the offices of Olivia Pope and Associates, and now she’s on trial for her life. Her real name is Lindsay Dwyer, although the media has dubbed her “The Molotov Mistress.” She’s being accused of sending a mail bomb to her cheating ex-boyfriend at his work, and when it exploded, the bomb killed seven people.

The evidence is damning, but completely circumstantial. Olivia Pope has her team working overtime trying to clear Quinn’s—sorry, Lindsay’s—name, but they’re having trouble answering the question of why she ran. Quinn insists that she was about to turn herself over to the authorities, but she was knocked out by someone and when she woke up, she was in a Washington D.C. hotel with everything she needed to take on the identity of Quinn Perkins. Olivia has Huck checking for any security tapes that might show this mystery abductor, and she clearly knows more about what’s going on than she’s telling.
Meanwhile, Abby and Harrison are losing faith in their newest team member. Abby seems fairly convinced she’s guilty, actually. As the trial seems to go worse and worse for Quinn and Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen continues to find experts and evidence to pin the crime on her, she begins to lose faith in Olivia and her attorney, Moira O’Donnell. Olivia reminds Quinn just who she is and what she does. But privately, Olivia knows they’re losing. She makes a mysterious phone call telling someone they’re about to lose. The next morning, when Quinn’s attorney makes a last-ditch, no-hope motion to dismiss the case based on how circumstantial the evidence is, the judge surprisingly agrees and throws the entire case out.

Everyone is shocked, and David Rosen is outraged. Olivia sits quietly, watching it all unfold. She tries to spare David the humiliation of walking out the front door and facing the press, but he angrily rebukes her. He knows somehow Olivia Pope pulled strings to circumvent justice, and he’s not convinced she did it for a good reason.
Finally, we flash back to that morning Quinn leaves that Washington D.C. hotel room, off to start a new life with a new name. In the shadows behind her we see Huck looking on and realize he was the one who had abducted her and given her that new identity. What do he and Olivia know about Quinn that they’re not telling anyone?

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