Harrison Wright

By Steve Dove Jun 29, 2012

Harrison has a lot of skills. He's intelligent, he can think on his feet and he has an amazing attention to detail. But by far his greatest skill is his way with words. The man can talk. He can talk his way into—or out of—pretty much anything, and now he uses that skill for Olivia Pope. When she needs someone sold, smooth-talked, convinced, cajoled, soothed or encouraged, she calls on Harrison to deliver the message.

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Local Boy
Harrison was born in D.C. His charm, youth, and salesmanship first got him a job selling expensive cars. He was able to parley that into working for a bigtime financial guru. When that guru went down for insider trading, Harrison went to jail. But he served only six months thanks to his amazing lawyer. Her name? Olivia Pope!

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Mr. Personality
The first time we meet Harrison, he's meeting Quinn Perkins for a drink. But it's not a date, it's a job offer. Since then he's kind of taken her under his wing and helps show her the ropes at the firm. From there, he serves as Olivia's point-man when it comes to dealing with people who are hard to deal with. He's dealt with an infamous madam, a South American dictator and local District Attorney David Rosen. His keen ear and attention to detail also helped clear the name of an airline pilot wrongfully accused of causing a crash.