7 Best Highlights from Olivia's Wardrobe

By Jennifer Kim Aug 15, 2013

Work it, girl! Olivia Pope is arguably the best-dressed woman in Washington D.C. Whether it’s a gown from Dior or from the hospital, she knows how to rock her style. Here we pulled together Olivia’s best looks from Scandal Season 2. WARNING: Hide your wallet and freeze your credit cards before reading this article. You may experience a strong urge to splurge.


First Things First

Let’s start with what happens behind the scenes.

No one can look that good without some help.


Now down to business. Below are our rankings—what do you gladiators think? Comment below!


Highlight #7

Best Dress:
Escada Gorinn Gown for Spring 2013 Collection

Just take my money and give me that dress!


Highlight #6

 Best Dress Runner Up:
Michael Kors Ivory Dress

Olivia and Fitz are SO ready to dance in this black & white ensemble.


Highlight #5

Best Outerwear/Handbag:
Salvatore Ferragamo  Cream Pearl Cashmere
And Wool Blend Coat + Prada Saffiano Tote

Where do I get a degree in Political Fixing? Gotta get me that job and salary!


Highlight #4

Best Business Casual:
Christian Dior Navy Bar Jacket

The woman knows how to wear black and white better than a zebra.


Highlight #3

Best Casual Top:
Escada Norris Blouse 

No Jake, don’t take it off her—it looks too good!


Highlight #2

Best Loungewear:
Donna Karan Hooded Cashmere

Is it a jacket? A sweater? A shawl? Why even care if it looks that good?


Highlight #1

Best Athletic Wear:
Lululemon Forme Jacket

Even when she’s running, she’s ready for the runway. Of course it’s a given that earphones need to match the track jacket.
You are a fashion god, Olivia Pope.


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What do you think about our rankings? Comment below!