The 60 Most Shockingly Scandalous Moments of Season 3!

By Jim Donnelly Apr 16, 2014

With less than 60 minutes before a big bomb goes boom, we thought you could prep for the Season 3 finale by taking a look at the 60 Most Shockingly Scandalous Moments so far. Murderers Row, Gettysburger "to go" and hashtags that begin with O. It's all here in an admittedly incomplete list. See the rest of the best in a follow-up list after the finale. Until then, get your complete gladiator fix right here!

#60 Jeanine Locke is a POTUS lover. Never refer to your boss as “freakin’ hot” while cameras are rolling.

#59 Come with me if you want to Liv. In a train station flashback, Olivia discovered just how lethal the homeless man she brought a doggie bag to every Sunday could be.

#58 The secret of the wine. Who knew Papa Pope was the one who got Olivia to appreciate fine wine? Keep scrolling to find out who’s behind the popcorn.

#57 Eli’s Adventures in Wonderland. In another flashback, Liv discovers that dear old dad is not the Smithsonian nerd he claims to be. In the present, he gives her a speech that’s never gonna get him Father of the Year honors.

#56 Huck gets Violent with Olivia. He wants to know if her dad is B613. Is he Command? The answer: yes and yes.

#55 Jake is beaten, bloodied, bruised and bearded. Liv’s “YOU BRING HIM BACK” demand worked.


#54 Mrs. Smith goes boom. Olivia lies to a bomb-strapped mom saying her deceased son was a terrorist. This leaves the distraught woman taking extreme measures. It also led to an unexpected use of the Fitz phone.

#53 The White House gets Poped. Cyrus should have known that aide Ethan would’ve been no match for OPA when it comes to dealing with Congresswoman Josie Marcus’s illegitimate baby issues.

#52 Sally Langston for President. All she needs to do is lose her vice.

#51 Fitz was the Operation Remington pilot. He shot down a passenger plane carrying 329 people including Maya Lewis, aka Maya Pope, aka Marie Wallace, aka Liv’s mom.

#50 Quinn and Charlie hook up. Their first impromptu date was at a shooting range. It was all downhill from there.

#49 Quinn is set up. The aforementioned downhilly-ness kicks in when she kills a security guard. Welcome to Wonderland!

#48 Abby hugs Olivia. It was during the time the gladiators were trying to determine if the president killed Liv’s mom. We mention this because the OPA offices aren’t a very huggy place.

#47 Big Jerry Grant rapes Mellie. This is the flashback that changed the way we all look at the First Lady.

#46 Mellie is pregnant. Once more from flashback-ville, Fitz is overjoyed, but his wife secretly worries his father may be the father.

#45 Omar Dresden is Maya Pope. Eli/Rowan/Command lets the woman he’s been keeping prisoner for 20 years know that their daughter has been asking about her.

#44 Maya Pope bites. The only way she could get out of her cell and ultimately escape is by gnawing through her wrists. Prison food is so bland anyway.

#43 The secret of the popcorn. Olivia got her love of wine from Papa Pope. The popcorn, however, was something Mamma Maya used to make for her daughter when she was sad.

#42 James has sex with Daniel Douglas. This was never part of Cyrus Beene’s plan.

#41 Olivia meets Fitz in Vermont. He wanted her to see the dream. This is where she’d make jam.


#40 Olivia meets Mamma Maya. She tries to protect Maya at first. Little did she know that her dad isn’t the monster. Mom is.

#39 Sally Langston kills Daniel Douglas. The devil made her do it. Cyrus Beene helped clean it up.

#38 Huck tortures Quinn. Four out of five dentists recommend pliers for their spies who pull teeth.

#37 Liv learns the truth. Eli/Rowan/Command confirms that Maya tricked him into killing 329 innocent people. Harsh.

#36 David and James team up. They have a recording of the vice president’s call to Cyrus about the murder of Daniel Douglas.

#35 Jake is Command. Rowan is beyond ticked when he discovers that someone has been sitting in his chair.

#34 Publius is such an odd name. It has to do with the Federalist Papers, but James didn’t think about how his codename would sound aloud. He also didn’t realize the danger he’d be in.

#33 Meet Andrew Nichols. He was Fitz’s Lieutenant Governor and Mellie’s secret lover.

#32 Meet Adnan Salif. Who knew she was a girl? Well, Harrison did.

#31 Matchmaker Mellie. She provides a list of suitors for Liv to squelch the true rumors she's sleeping with her hubby.

#30 Fake Olake. Olivia has Jake become her fake boyfriend. They have pretend sex. No word on if there was pretend cuddling.


#29 Will you be my hurl-friend? In a flashback, we see Andrew saved Mellie’s live by forcing her to vomit up all that Oxy she downed.

#28 David loves Abby. It only took her kidnapping him and tossing him in a trunk to finally get him to say it. Hey, whatever works, right?

#27 Meet Secret Service Agent Tom. Oh, sure we’ve seen him by the president’s side all these years. But who knew he was also B613? Certainly not Jake. Certainly not Fitz.

#26 Adnan Salif knows Mamma Maya. These two are in cahoots. Small world. Big bombs.

#25 Andrew and Mellie kiss. He’s told that “we do not touch the first ladies” while looking at some portraits. But no one said the First Lady couldn’t touch him.

#24 It’s Murderers Row. No, the ’27 Yankees have not returned from the grave. This modern row has to do with the three homicidal folks running for president. All Liv can do is laugh.

#23 It’s in the Paper. Who knew that B613’s Acme Limited cover company really did sell paper? Even Charlie was surprised.

#22 Gettysburger to go. Olivia brought Jake a Double-Lincoln with bacon. She got the Mary Todd turkey burger. They never get to the cheese fries once Liv asks her fake boyfriend to take real advantage of her.

#21 Fitz throws the debate. It’s the only way he could keep Sally from going off the rails. It also saved her life, as Secret Service/B613 man Tom was camped in the rafters with a sniper rifle.

#20 Who got shot? It was James.

#19 Who was the shooter? It was Jake.

#18 Cyrus and James dance. In a flashback, we saw the bold move Mr. Beene made to let the world know that he has a boyfriend.

#17 Cyrus breaks down. While addressing the press, Cyrus finally grieves over the loss of his beloved James. The President of the United States is by his side to help him through.

#16 They can take a lickin’. Huck licked Quinn’s face during their torture time together. Then they ended up sucking face later on. Then there was more face licking. They’re such a fun couple.


#15 Taking down B613. Liv and David agree to join forces to take down the scariest organization in the world. Piece of cake.

#14 James didn’t die alone. Jake was there. Sure, he shot him in a way that would cause his target to bleed out slowly in the most painful of ways. But at least he stuck by his side. That’s kinda nice, right?

#13 Meet the First Kids. Jerry had a snazzy “Reston for President” shirt and Karen caught her mom down on her knees with Uncle Andrew. No wonder the kids don’t visit more often.

#12 The President was feeling punchy. Fitz knocked out Andrew once he found out he was sleeping with his wife before his mistress can stop him. ‘Nuff said.

#11 Behold, the perfect panty drop. Andan seduces Harrison after skillfully ditching her undies. She knocks him out while he’s basking in the afterglow to steal sensitive docs for Mamma Maya.

#10 Jake asked Olivia to save him. And Liv said no.

#9 Olivia asked Jake to seduce her. And Jake said yes. Of course, this was so she could swipe some B613 info from his phone.


#8 And then there were two. Governor Reston drops out of the presidential race thanks to a little OPA-Leo Bergen tag-team effort. Never threaten someone when cameras are rolling. See #60.

#7 Family dinners are fun. Maya crashes a little daddy-daughter time to warn Liv to stay out of her business. If only Eli/Rowan/ex-Command had more faith in his quickness with a steak knife.

#6 Fitz won't lose Olivia again. He's stayed true to his word. They're still making out in the Oval Office semi-regularly!


#5 B613 is no more. It’s handled. Liv gives the order to obliterate Wonderland. A short time later, Jake is at OPA offices with a message that has his real fake girlfriend a little choked up.

#4 From here to paternity. Is Mellie’s number one son the offspring of her hubby’s dad? Time will tell. Actually, the paternity test she finally gets will tell.

#3 Shooting blanks. There’s really no suspense to Russian Roulette when you just keeps pulling the trigger no matter what. Rowan proved this when he finally exacted his revenge on the man who ruined his life. Clean up at OPA!

#2 Totally floored. Olivia is horrified to find her father bleeding out on the floor of her office. She just missed Mamma Maya, as did Huck and Quinn while they were having slappy, licky sex on car hoods. More clean up at OPA!

#1 One last run-on wrap up. Jake lets the White House know about Maya’s plan to blow up the church at Senator Hightower’s funeral. Cyrus is about to call for an evacuation when he suddenly realizes that Sally Langston is there. Maya Pope activates the bomb from a cell phone. There are less than 60 minutes until detonation. Now take a deep breath and watch the Explosive Scandal Season 3 Finale right here!