5 Reasons Why David Rosen Betrayed OPA

By Steve Dove | May 13th, 2013

What the hell, David? Stealing the Cytron card, betraying the team and, worst of all, working with Billy Chambers?! Nobody saw this one coming, but then again, maybe we should have. In fact, there are at least 5 Reasons Why David Rosen Betrayed OPA.

1. Olivia Ruined His Career

Scandal - Olivia Pope
At least she's helping fix his life now that she's broken it, right? And who could stay mad at that face?

That may sound dramatic, but it’s also sort of true. David had a promising career as an Assistant State Attorney with a slam-dunk case against Quinn Perkins aka Lindsay Dwyer aka “The Molotov Mistress.” That is, it WAS a slam-dunk until Olivia called a Supreme Court Justice and had the case dismissed. That led David to investigating Defiance and once again he had the makings of a landmark case until OPA got involved. And just like that, David’s career in law was pretty much over.

2. Olivia and Harrison (and Abby) Broke His Heart

To protect Abby and David from getting too close to Defiance, Olivia asked Harrison to break them up.


Abby was convinced that David had abused a former girlfriend and left him, breaking his heart. When Abby figured out what had happened, she went back to David. But then she decided to be a Gladiator and steal the Cytron card from his safe to protect Olivia and broke David’s heart AGAIN.

3. He Wears the White Hat

Scandal - David Rosen
That's the honest face of a true believer in justice. Too bad OPA sometimes has to skirt around justice. 

David, bless his little heart, remains a bit out-of-the-loop. For instance, he’s pretty much the only one in the OPA office who doesn’t know about Olitz. What David DOES know is the shady stuff that Olivia and her team have done to protect an accused bomber, cover up a murder and hide a stolen presidential election. David might think he’s doing the right thing by helping get Defiance out there and, as much as we all hate to admit it, he may not be wrong.

4. OR He Wears the Black Hat

Scandal - David Rosen
Is this really the face of a cold, calculating double agent? 

This whole Albatross thing kicked off with David waking up with a dead woman in his bed. That woman had files about the mole codenamed “Albatross” and was supposedly killed under his orders—probably by Charlie, right? But now we know “Albatross” is Billy Chambers and David just gave him the Cytron card. So has this whole thing been an act by David to get that card back? Has he been working with Billy all along?

5. He Just Wants to Go Home

Scandal - David Rosen; Harrison Wright
Doesn't this look like a man who's tired of sleeping on a sofa? 

Let’s face it, this guy has been sleeping on the OPA office couch for WEEKS! After a while, a man wants to go home, put on his favorite pajamas and sleep in his own damn bed. Sure, the Gladiators keep the kitchenette stocked with wine and breakfast cereal, but who’s to say that after a few weeks David didn’t decide that making a deal with the guy who was trying to have him killed was better than a lifetime having sleepovers outside of Olivia Pope’s office.


Do you think David really is a traitor? Are there even more reasons he could have turned on Olivia and the team? Put your white hats on and shout out in the comments.