6 Reasons Why Sally Langston Would Be a Better President

By Steve Dove | May 16th, 2013

Vice President Sally Langston got a raw deal. She was pummeling Fitz in the Republican primaries and then Olivia Pope showed up and ruined everything for her. Now she’s stuck as the Veep, lashed to a President whose administration is embroiled in a new fiasco about every 6 weeks, the poor thing. We may not like it, we may not want to admit it, but there are at least 6 Reasons Why Sally Langston Would Be a Better President.

1. She Can Keep it in Her Pants

Unless Sally Langston’s private life is MUCH more exciting than we’ve been led to believe, there are probably no sultry, late-night rendezvous at Number One Observatory Circle. That right there would keep her out of some of the messes Fitz has found himself in.


You’re never going to see the Veep’s husband go on national TV and accuse her of adultery like that.

2. She Puts the “Commander” in Commander in Chief

Did you see her land in her helicopter on the White House lawn after Fitz was shot? She stormed into the Oval like a BOSS, even taking Cyrus down a peg. Fitz, on the other hand, has been known to be swayed, manipulated, cajoled and even a bit cowed by his own White House Chief of Staff. He’s gotten better about it, but with Sally Langston there has never been any doubt of who’s calling the shots.

Scandal - A Woman Scorned - Sally Langston
Don't make her land Marine 2 on your lawn!

3. She Knows How to Get Even

Cyrus screwed Sally out of her promised Supreme Court appointment and she never forgot it. When Fitz was shot and the VP stepped in, she let Cyrus know quickly he serves at the pleasure of the President, and while she was acting as Commander in Chief, his services were no longer wanted. No one else has gotten to Cyrus like that professionally—not Fitz, not Mellie, not even Olivia.

Scandal - Sally Langston; Cyrus Beene
The ability to withstand, let alone refute, a Cyrus Beene verbal assault should be classified as a superpower

4. She Knows How to Put the Nation First

As acting Commander in Chief, Sally had the chance to force Verna Thornton off of the Supreme Court and get her beloved appointment back. But then Verna offered her the identity of the assassin—okay, so she said it was Huck and he was innocent, but how would Sally know that?—in exchange for keeping her seat. Langston was able to put aside her personal desires aside and do what was best for the country. Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if Fitz could think like that more often?

Scandal - Sally Langston
Nobody can doubt Sally's patriotism

5. She’s Done it Already!

Sally Langston was the acting President of the United States and guess how many scandals she, or the administration, were involved in during her tenure? ZERO. She has a perfect record!

Scandal - Sally Langston; Fitzgerald Grant
It's amazing how many scandals can be avoided by not rigging elections or committing adultery

6. She Hasn’t Killed Anyone…That We Know of

Just like with the first point on this list, you can never be sure on Scandal, but I’m going out on a limb and saying that Sally Langston has probably never murdered someone. And Fitz can’t say that.

Scandal - Sally Langston
Sally Langston: You may not like her, but hey, at least she hasn't murdered anyone. Langston 2016!


So did I convince you, or are you still voting Fitzgerald Grant in the next election? Make your stump speech in the coments!


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