11 Reasons We're Totally Hot for Jake

By Alexis Johnson | Aug 22nd, 2013
"I'm not a bad guy, Olivia."

"You're not a good one."

"Neither is he."

Why are the men in Olivia Pope's life so amazing and devastatingly forbidden all at once? Captain Jake Ballard is totally this. He's smart, charming, handsome, theoretically a great cook, as far as we know doesn't have a wife and kids, and can make Olivia laugh. A girl should be so lucky! Ugh, and then there's the whole creepy stalking, B613 spy, kills people on command, and he may or may not be on a mission for your dad when he's making love to you thing. It really complicates the relationship.

We can't get Jake out of our heads, though. It's because everything about him is so complicated and the deeper we get in this mess with him, the deeper we want to go. There always seems to be more behind his actions and we suspect that somewhere in this crazy situation is a good guy who fell in love with a great girl. (Or we're terribly, terribly wrong and this is our wishful thinking... only Shonda knows!) Anyway, we don't blame him and we wouldn't blame Olivia if she's fallen for him, too, because here are 11 Reasons Why We're Totally Hot for Jake.


Reason #11

He's observant.


To say the least.
And somehow the gentleman in this situation, he turns off the camera when Olivia changes clothes.


Reason #10

He believes Olivia is special
and isn't afraid to tell her detail after detail why.


Amy man who can get Olivia Pope's mind off her epic troubles
is a man with a serious talent.


Reason #9

He's irresistibly charming.


Olivia wears a white hat, Jake wears a uniform. Try to have a bad date with himyou will fail. He doesn't give up, doesn't mess up, is totally unphased, in charge, and can flirt circles around anyone. Unless work calls you away, things most certainly might end in kissing.


Reason #8

He’s protective and a Navy man.
And B613.

 scott foley as jake ballard in scandal

These are arms Olivia can rest safely in. He did save her life twice.



Reason #7

He doesn't kiss and tell.


Unless it's your dad asking.


Reason #6

He’s a little heartbroken.


Jake's reaction to this kiss tells us he's longing for Olivia.


Reason #5

He’s downright sexy and down for a sex tape.


We'd be remiss not to mentionJake is hot.
Apparently a little kinky, too. (Yes, it was for a mission... but still.)


Reason #4

He's able to bring out glimmers of happiness
in Olivia when little else can.


Even Fitz is jealous of how "another man" makes Olivia laugh like that.


Reason #3

He's one of the good guys.


Olivia even tears up over him as she says it.


Reason #2

He's an obedient professional,
but draws lines when it comes to Olivia.


 He risks everything to keep Olivia safe.


Reason #1

For Olivia, he's proven he'll go to any depths.

 scandal jake ballard

Someone PLEASE save Jake from The Hole in Season 3!!


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