13 Rules of Being a Gladiator

By Jennifer Kim | Aug 14th, 2013

Being a gladiator isn’t easy. But if there’s one place to find a rare group of kickass spies, lawyers, and investigators, it’s Olivia Pope & Associates. In today’s list, we explore what it takes them to be gladiators. If you think you can handle being one, read on!


Rule #13

You know normal is overrated.

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Everyone at Olivia Pope & Associates has a story. They all have problems and need fixing. Also, not a day goes by without working on an insanely high profile case, whether it’s resolving an assassination of CIA head or helping the “Devil” pay a ransom for his kidnapped daughter. Normal is not an option here.


Rule #12

You can ruin a man's life.
Or you can elevate him to his best.

 scandal season 2

To be frank, David Rosen was played by Olivia Pope too many times. Eventually he became an ally and won back his seat in the justice system. He must’ve learned that the only right side to be on is with the gladiators!


Rule #11

Exhibit A.
You can turn a homeless man into a super hacker spy.
(And fix his broken heart!)

 scandal season 2

Olivia found Huck in the subway because he had the saddest eyes in the world.


Rule #10

The gladiator you save then teaches another protégé to follow his path.

scandal season 2

Quinn, aka Baby Huck, can now hack and torture people, for better or worse.


Rule #9

Sometimes the work involves digging up dirt.
We’re talking the dirtiest dirt.

 scandal season 2

We know Abby is pro at finding it and Harrison is best at presenting it. Give them some time, and they can bring down any corporation, government official, you name it.


Rule #8

So you can look pretty and talk pretty as you’re blackmailing someone.

How does anyone say no to THAT face?


Rule #7

But you don’t always have to ask why you do things.
You only ask what needs to be done.

Gladiators don’t sign a morality clause for the job. But they DO know how to pay their dues. Get with the program, Quinn!


Rule #6

In every situation, you walk the fine line between being a human and a gladiator.

It’s like wizards trying to fit in with the muggles.


Rule #5

You have to stay professional
even with a person who killed your boyfriend and put you close to jail.

Olivia Pope doesn’t believe in crying, remember? Personal emotions stay out of the way.


Rule #4

Feelings? You don't understand what that is.

You lied to me about the love of my life? Fine, whatever. I’m over it.


Rule #3  

Well, when you can spare a tiny bit,
it’s reserved for your family of gladiators.

That means ordinary humans like the POTUS will just have to wait Sorry Fitz!


Rule #2

You live on the dark side of the moon, or you work for someone who does.

Gladiators always save each other.


Rule #1

You always wear the white hat and look good in it too.

 scandal season 2

EXTRA: See how Olivia gets her work done

Think you have what it takes to be a Gladiator? Which super skill would you contribute to OPA? Tell us in the comments below!