Who is the Mole?

By Steve Dove | Mar 29th, 2013
OMG, Gladiators! After what looked like slam-dunk evidence, it seems that Osbourne wasn't the mole after all. But if the late Director of the CIA wasn't the mole, who could it be? Here are some suspects.
Jake BallardCaptain Jake Ballard
We already know there's something off about this guy. He's spying on Olivia for Fitz, but then he's lying about their relationship when he briefs the President. He definitely knows something about the mole after his meeting with a mysterious stranger immediately after Osborne's death--which he may have even been involved in. Could this charming and mysterious new man in Olivia's life be a double agent?

Mystery ManMystery Man
We don't know much about this guy, other than that he met with Jake immediately after Osborne's apparent suicide and seemed to know that the late CIA Director was not the mole. He also seemed pleased that the mole's identity was still secret.
Cyrus BeeneCyrus Beene
Cyrus is a true believer when it comes to President Grant, but that doesn't mean he's not willing to get his hands dirty if that's what it takes. Perhaps he's involved and has a plan that will get him back in Fitz's good graces or he's somehow putting "the good of the country" above morality once again. Let's not forget, Cyrus almost had a hitman kill his own husband to protect his secrets.

Mellie GrantMellie Grant
If there's one thing you don't want to do, it's underestimate the First Lady. While she's surely not in a lot of briefings that the mole would need access to, it's also possible that she's able to look at documents when Fitz isn't watching or has her own loyal staff to spy for her. After all, what better cover is there than the loving, concerned wife. But what would be her motive?

Hollis DoyleHollis Doyle
There's no love lost between Hollis and the White House, but like it or not they've been intertwined since Fitz's campaign. That said, Hollis has been known to back a different player--such as Vice President Langston--when it suits him. He certainly is given a lot of access at the White House and his big bank account could buy him a lot of secrets.

Sally LangstonVice President Sally Langston
Speaking of the Vice President, Sally Langston sure seemed comfortable taking charge after the assassination attempt on Fitz. While she later admitted the job was maybe more than she wanted when Fitz returned, that could have easily been placating the President with some nice words while she worked behind the scene to undermine him. Regardless, it's clear that the VP has her own agenda, and isn't afraid to play hardball.
So, which of our prime suspects could it be? Or have we even MET the mole yet? Share your theories in the comments and on Twitter with the hastag #WhoIsTheMole!