Top 3: Gladiator Moments of Grey's Anatomy Season 8

By Steve Dove | Sep 22nd, 2012
The doctors of Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital are no strangers to scandal. They could probably use the help of Olivia Pope and her team, actually. But they're also no strangers to stepping up, to wearing the white hat and to being gladiators. They just wear scrubs instead of suits. In celebration of the full 8th season of Grey's Anatomy being available for free on for a limited time, here are the Top 3 Gladiator Moments of Grey's Anatomy Season 8!

3. Alex Finishes First

There's no denying that the original crop of interns that started at Seattle Grace were a top-notch and competitive bunch. Over the years they each had their struggles, victories and losses. But in the end, there was really only one winner, and it was Alex Karev. He stepped up huge in his residency and got an incredible offer from one of the nation's top hospitals. In season 8, he truly became a gladiator.

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2. Jackson Takes Charge

Another resident who found his footing in season 8 was Jackson, who managed to change his image from the pretty-boy with a chip on his shoulder to a great surgeon. And what better demonstration of that is there than stepping up and telling one of the most intimidating surgeons at the hospital, Dr. Miranda Bailey herself, to get out of his O.R.? That's a pure gladiator move!

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1. Meredith Won't Quit

Being a surgeon at Seattle Grace-Mercy West is hard. Doing that and being a new mom? That takes a gladiator! Even when she got the flu from baby Zola, she managed to pass her boards and graduate from her residency, all in a year that started with her getting fired. It doesn't get much more gladiator than that!

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Have your own favorite gladiator moment from Scandal or from Grey's Anatomy season 8? Share it in the comments!


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