Top 7 Reasons Billy Chambers is the Most Dangerous Man in D.C.

By Steve Dove | May 10th, 2013

Holy crap, you guys! The mole has finally been revealed and it’s Billy Chambers! I know what you’re thinking: either A) “Who the heck is Billy Chambers?” in which case, shame on you for not watching season 1; or B) “WTF? Didn’t Charlie kill that guy?” Guess not! Either way, here are the Top 7 Reasons Billy Chambers is the Most Dangerous Man in D.C.

1. He Hates Fitz

Okay, maybe it’s not personal, but Billy did try to undo Fitz’s presidency by arranging for him to have an affair with his own girlfriend. He truly believes Fitz is bad for the country and has gone to crazy lengths to get him thrown out of office.

Scandal - Crash and Burn - Fitzgerald Grant, Billy Chambers, Cyrus Beene
Fitz is thinking about places in the White House he and Olivia have done it and Billy's busy plotting how to destroy this administration from the inside. As usual, no one is listening to Cyrus.

2. He Will Straight-Up Stab Somebody

Let’s be fair, there’s been some murder on Scandal. Even Fitz has gotten his hands dirty, killing a sickly Supreme Court Justice on her deathbed. But it doesn’t get much more brutal than the way Billy Chambers stabbed reporter Gideon Wallace in the neck with a pair of scissors. And that's not even counting the killings of Wendy, CIA Director Grayden Osborne or Molly, all of which he may have been involved with as the mole. That's quite a body count.

Scandal - Dirty Little Secrets - Billy Chambers
This is his "I just stabbed someone this morning" face. Creepy, isn't it?

3. He Has Defiance

I know it’s hard to keep track of things like Cytron cards and all of that, but the quick breakdown is that a super-secret group of Fitz supporters including Olivia, Mellie and Cyrus, stole the Presidential election by rigging voting machines.

So now imagine a guy who hates Fitz and has gotten away with murder having that chip.

4. He’s Got David Rosen

Say it ain’t so, David! Where’s that shiny white hat you’re always talking about?

Scandal - Molly, You in Danger, Girl! - David Rosen, Harrison Wright
Turn in your honorary Gladiator card--you broke our hearts, David! What kind of person steals a Cytron card from another person's safe? Oh wait....

Whatever his reasons, David is helping Billy Chambers expose Defiance, and he’s been embedded in the OPA offices for weeks! Think of all the secrets he’s gleaned in that time, having gained so much trust from the team.

5. He Got to Charlie

Huck sent Charlie after Billy. We saw the two of them get into an elevator together and usually only Charlie walks out of those elevators alive. But somehow, Billy was able to turn a hit into a recruitment drive, getting Charlie to not only spare him, but to do some of his dirty work! That’s some power of persuasion, you guys.

Scandal - Any Questions? - Charlie
What did Billy offer Charlie?

6. He’s Got Access to Top Secret Files

Protip to VP Sally Langston: when your shady Chief of Staff resigns in disgrace, change your password on the computer with access to top secret government files no one else should see. However he’s done it, Billy Chambers has been able to log in as the Vice President and steal government secrets. Secrets that people are willing to kill for.

Scandal - A Woman Scorned - Sally Langston
No, Madam Vice President, your birthday is NOT a secure password.

7. He’s Good at Covering His Tracks

The people at B613 are no joke. They will kidnap, torture and kill to protect this country’s secrets and they’re very, VERY good at it. So imagine how stealth a guy has to be to elude them for so long that he gets a mythical nickname like “Albatross.”

Scandal - A Woman Scorned - Jake Ballard
If these guys are looking for you, you don't want to be found.


What do you think Billy’s next move is? Is there someone even more dangerous? Share those conspiracy theories in the comments.


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