What Would Judy Do?: Nobody Likes Babies

By Judy A. Smith | Feb 7th, 2013

Verna ThorntonIn this week’s episode the theme could easily be “betrayal’. It seems everyone is turning on each other to either protect themselves or for other very emotional reasons. During a crisis, emotions obviously run high; usually the bigger the mess and the more at stake the higher emotions run. One reason that a crisis manager is often needed is because it's extraordinarily difficult to make sane, sound, objective decisions when tensions are high, and when emotions like love, self-preservation and anger are involved, ones inability to think clearly can cause one’s priorities to shift to the point that your morals become corrupted.

If you remember, the myriad of problems faced by most of the characters emanated from the mistake of rigging the election. The excuse then was that it was better for the country still each person stood to gain personally. This rationale has now mushroomed and the guilty parties have addressed the complications with actions of self-preservation and ego, rather than being guided by ethics or morality.

It would seem that Olivia has decided to right the ship and have all exposed but then fights against that towards the end of the episode. Do you agree with her actions? What would you do? Let me know.

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