S5 E03 Fairytale Wishes, Freeloader, Kook'n Kap, Rapid Ramen

10/04/13 | TV-PG | CC

PITCH: Fairytale Wishes

About the Company:
Fairytale Wishes manufactures a line of "magic" aromatherapy sprays for kids to help alleviate common fears and anxieties. Each bottle comes with a hint of "magic" glitter,  a mini fairytale, and it's own yummy scent! Fairytale Wishes, Inc. Giving Kids a "Happily Ever After!"

LEARN MORE: Visit www.fairytalewishesinc.com


PITCH: Freeloader

About the Company: 
The Freeloader is a portable, ultra sleek, lightweight child carrier designed for busy parents with active lives. Perfect for urban outings or epic adventures. Created by two firefighter fathers looking to increase time with their kids and make families' lives easier.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.myfreeloader.com 


PITCH: Kook'n Kap

About the Company: 
2 sassy girls who live in LA have created the modern version of the traditional chef hat! Not only does it keep the smell of food out of your hair, it also keeps hair out of your food; and it’s chic and comfortable!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.kooknkap.com 


PITCH: Rapid Ramen

About the Company: 
Rapid Ramen Cooker is the fastest, easiest, and healthiest way to cook perfect ramen noodles in the microwave in minutes! Now you’ll never fuss with boiling water or pots again! You can cook ramen noodles in half the time, it’s easy to use, and makes the best ramen noodles you’ll ever taste!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.rapidramen.com 

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