Season 5 Episode 4 Hamboards, Scan, ScreenMend, Sunday Night Slow Jams

10/12/13 Season 5 TV-PG

PITCH:  Hamboards

About the Company: 
Hamboards is a surf-styled skateboard company that was founded by a family of surfers and lifeguards from Huntington Beach, California. Every Hamboard, designed by the Hamborg Family, has a ride that is the closest thing to surfing on land, and each has a handcrafted surfboard-like feel and look.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.hamboards.com



About the Company: 
The Scan app is one of the fastest and most user-friendly QR readers and barcode scanners available. You can save money using Scan by scanning a product's barcode in stores to see if the same product is cheaper online. The Scan app is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phones. Scan's website at http://scan.me enables businesses and everyone else to easily create QR codes, all for free. You can create QR codes for your business cards, to promote your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, and more. You can even make a Wi-Fi QR code to easily share your home wireless network with visitors.

LEARN MORE: Visit http://scan.me/


PITCH: ScreenMend

About the Company: 
ScreenMend was created about 3 years ago by my daughter, Lily, and I. While trying to patch a hole in a window screen I became frustrated at a patch that wouldn't stick. Lily was busy scraping candle wax off a table and suggested I put wax on the patch. Well we tried it, and it worked! When the patch stayed on for over a year, Lily's older sister, Emma built us a website and we were in business! Now here we are 2 years later hoping the Sharks will help us bring our business to a national level! We've created the quickest and easiest way to patch a screen ever!

LEARN MORE: Visit http://www.ScreenMend.com


PITCH: Sunday Night Slow Jams

About the Company: 
Launched in 1994 by a high school student from a tiny AM radio station in the middle of the Tucson desert, today the nationally syndicated Sunday Night Slow Jams with R Dub! airs in over 80 cities across America and around the world. The program features the ultimate mix of Slow Jams from today and back in the day, plus special coast-to-coast listener dedications called "Oral Expressions." Sunday Night Slow Jams is one of the highest-rated syndicated weekend shows in America, boasting an audience of over one million passionate Slow Jams fans. In addition to the radio show, R Dub!'s Slow Jams LIVE! concert tour hits the road every February. You can listen live anytime, at http://www.slowjams.com/

LEARN MORE: Visit http://www.slowjams.com/

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