Season 5 Episode 5 BareEase, Rent A Goat, RuffleButts, Veggie Mama

10/19/13 Season 5 TV-PG

PITCH: BareEase

About the Company:
BareEase is a prep kit, used BEFORE waxing or laser hair removal, so grooming the bikini area doesn’t have to hurt. Created by a female physician who specializes in pain management.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.BareEASE.com


PITCH: Rent A Goat

About the Company: 
Rent A Goat helps businesses and homeowners landscape their properties in a safe and eco-friendly way, at a competitive price, by clearing their land with goats!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.rentagoat.com 


PITCH: RuffleButts

About the Company: 
RuffleButts was dreamed and launched by Amber Schaub in 2007. Joined by her husband, Mark Schaub, in 2010, this dream of a business has become quite the reality. The stand-out children’s apparel has been spotted on The Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Inc 500 List, in People Magazine and now on Shark Tank! Operating by the Golden Rule and sharing smiles with kids around the globe, RuffleButts and RuggedButts offer a must-have selection of super soft, adorable clothing and accessories that celebrities, parents and kids all love.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.rufflebutts.com/as-seen-in 


PITCH: Veggie Mama

About the Company: 
Veggie Mama provides more opportunities for families to enjoy eating vegetables. Garden Pops are all natural, frozen vegetable and fruit treats for all ages.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.VeggieMama.com 

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