Season 5 Episode 6 Elephant Chat, FiberFix, Ten Thirty One Productions, Total Merchant Resources

10/26/13 Season 5 TV-PG

PITCH: Elephant Chat

About the Company:
Elephant Chat creates tools to be used by everyone that helps teach the principles of good communication. Each one is a gift of love and represents a promise to communicate. A gift that says I care enough to want to hear what you have to say and a way to let me know that you want to say it. Our tool can help turn your "Elephant in the room" into a great conversation.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.elephantchat.com



PITCH: FiberFix

About the Company: 
FiberFix was created to address a universal problem - things break! Sometimes those broken items need to be fixed immediately, and often the broken items are difficult or expensive to replace. FiberFix provides the solution. It's easy to apply, cures rapidly and provides a repair 100 times stronger than duct tape. This is not your typical tape - it’s the worlds strongest repair wrap.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.fiberfix.com 



PITCH: Ten Thirty One Productions

About the Company: 
Ten Thirty One Productions is an Entertainment Company that creates, owns, and produces live attractions in the horror space.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.lahauntedhayride.com , www.tenthirtyoneproductions.com , www.greathorrorcampout.com 




PITCH: Total Merchant Resources

About the Company: 
Total Merchant Resources provides alternative common-sense financing solutions to small business in the U.S. and Canada… we’re the Mini Sharks! We have a 95% approval rate and fund our clients within 3 business days. We also provide merchant credit card processing services to all businesses.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.Totalmerchantresources.com 

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