Season 5 Episode 7 180CUP, Better Life, Kymera, Tree T Pee

11/02/13 Season 5 TV-PG


About the Company:
Here at 180CUP our main goal is to give the customer more for less while reinventing a category that has been the same since the stone ages. 180CUP maintains the customary purpose of a drinking cup while including additional uses (shot glass, measuring cup, ash tray, condiment container). The sleek design and bright colors offer a unique adventure. 180CUP is sure to improve any party, fraternity, tailgate, bar, household and everyday life!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.180cup.com


PITCH: Better Life

About the Company: 
Better Life is a line of plant derived, natural cleaning products. It was started in 2007 by Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs, life-long friends and first time parents. Featuring a full product line of all-purpose cleaners, specialty surface cleaners, soaps and lotions, Better Life’s mission is to create products that are completely safe and unbeatable in performance. Better Life’s products are free of synthetic fragrance, cruelty, sulfates and petroleum. All products are made in the USA. For more information please visit, cleanhappens.com.\

LEARN MORE: Visit www.cleanhappens.com 


PITCH: Kymera

About the Company: 
Kymera, the worlds first all electric jet propelled body board! Small enough to fit in almost any vehicle, light enough to carry under an arm, Kymera will forever change the way you spend time on the water!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.kymerabodyboard.com 


PITCH: Tree T Pee

About the Company: 
Treetpee is agricultural water conservation and frost protection for citrus.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.treetpee.com 

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