Season 5 Episode 8 Paparazzi Proposals, Bellybuds, Schulzies Bread Pudding, PetPaint

11/09/13 Season 5 TV-PG

PITCH: Paparazzi Proposals

About the Company:
Paparazzi Proposals is a unique engagement photography company that helps guys plan and execute the perfect proposal, capturing the whole moment on camera so he can surprise his partner with pictures and video of the exact moment the dropped to one knee!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.paparazzi-proposals.com


 PITCH: Bellybuds

About the Company: 
A baby’s hearing develops in utero at about 20 weeks. Memories begin at 30. Bellybuds is a specialized sound system that gently adheres to a pregnant belly & safely plays memory-shaping sound directly to the womb. Whether it’s a soothing tune or bond-forming voice message from a long-distance loved one, Bellybuds is a safe & effective first step in connecting with your soon-to-be bundle of joy. Easy to use and good-on-the-go, Bellybuds works anywhere, anytime!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.bellybuds.com 


PITCH: Schulzies Bread Pudding

About the Company: 
Schulzies has taken an old fashioned favorite dessert - bread pudding - and reinvented it in 108 delicious flavors. We are sweeping the nation with a rich, creamy treat with a special twist: all of our puddings are served chilled.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.schulziesbreadpudding.com 


PITCH: PetPaint

About the Company: 
PetPaint is the world’s first color spray for dogs. Using safe ingredients PetPaint can transform your four legged best friend into the life of the party. Add a little swagger to your wagger!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.petpaint.com 

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