Season 5 Episode 10 YUBO, Pursecase, Chocomize, Grace and Lace

11/23/13 Season 5 TV-PG


About the Company:
Noticing that kids want to carry something cool and current, while parents want a lunchbox that’s easy to use, clean, and good for the environment, parents Paul and Cyndi Pedrazzi set out to reinvent the lunchbox. yubo's unique concept of design, cleanliness, and customization sets a new standard for personal expression at the school lunch table. yubo lunchboxes are stylish, fun(ctional), easy to clean, and help to prevent waste-not create it.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.getyubo.com


PITCH: Pursecase

About the Company: 
Not your typical phone case, pursecase doubles as a purse! This petite clutch is elegantly designed with just your phone and essentials in mind. pursecase makes life simple with a compact mirror, a pocket to carry some cash, ID & credit cards, and all with a stylish chain handle - which doubles as a bracelet - just in 'case' of a fashion emergency.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.pursecase.com  



PITCH: Chocomize

About the Company: 
Chocomize.com allows people to create their own chocolate bars online by adding their favorite toppings to a base of dark, milk, or white chocolate. Chocomize caters to individual consumers and corporate customers who are looking for unique personalized chocolate bars with their company logo. In total, the company offers over 300 million possible chocolate bar combinations.Create your own at www.chocomize.com

LEARN MORE: Visit www.chocomize.com 


PITCH: Grace and Lace

About the Company: 
Grace and Lace: home to the famous Lacey Lou Leg Warmers, frilly lacey boot socks, scarves, hair accessories and more. Each crafted to prettify any outfit with standout style and feminine flair from head to toe. What began as a creative fun diversion for the owner while on pregnancy bedrest has grown into a flourishing cottage industry with a devoted following. Owner/designer Melissa has a passion to create unique, fashion-forward accessories that is exceeded only by her passion to serve the impoverished: a portion of every sale goes to the building of an orphanage in India. For more information please visit: www.graceandlace.com

LEARN MORE: Visit www.graceandlace.com 

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