S5 E16 Cow Wow, Nexersys, Cycloramic, The Cookie Dough Cafe

01/31/14 | TV-PG | CC

PITCH:  Cow Wow

About the Company:
You know the milk that's left over after you eat a bowl of cereal? It tastes like...Heaven? Well that's cow wow but we made it organic, all-natural and low fat with 9 essential vitamins and nutrients to promote health and wellness among children of all ages.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.cowwownow.com


PITCH: Nexersys

About the Company:
Nexersys is an interactive and intelligent fitness and gaming platform that makes getting fit FUN! Installed on US Aircraft carriers, commercial gyms, cruise lines and homes, Nexersys is becoming the high impact cardio work out of choice for people around the world looking to earn a Hard Body and Sharp Mind!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.nexersys.com 


PITCH: Cycloramic

About the Company: 
The Cycloramic app has invented a revolutionary new way of generating 360‐degree panoramic images without a tripod or swivel by making the phone spin, using only the internal iPhone’s vibrating motor (Handsfree. Just hit GO and your phone automatically rotates 360 degrees while taking multiple pictures, stitches them, generates the seamless panoramic photo and opens the panorama in an immersive 3D viewer.

 LEARN MORE: Visit http://cycloramic.com  


PITCH: The Cookie Dough Cafe

About the Company: 
The Cookie Dough Cafe wholesales gourmet edible cookie dough to grocery stores, food establishments, and boutiques. Our cookie dough is unique, as it is made to eat without baking. Sisters serving up sweetness by the spoonful!Grab a spoon & dig right in!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.thecookiedoughcafe.com 

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