Season 5 Episode 19 Revolights, Squeeky Knees, Buffer Bit, U-lace

03/07/14 Season 5 TV-PG

PITCH:  Revolights

About the Company:
Revolights takes a smarter approach to bicycle lighting, adding intelligence, function and visibility. The Revolights bike lighting system, consists of “smart” rings of LEDs which attach to your wheels to provide forward path illumination, dramatic 360-degree visibility and a functioning brake light.

LEARN MORE: Visit http://revolights.com


PITCH:  Squeeky Knees

About the Company:
Stylish and functional children’s clothing with built in baby knee pads that produce a fun sound when babies crawl. Squeeky Knees' products are specially designed to provide comfort and protection while also adding an element of fun for babies on the go. Your baby will love the fun sound and parents will take comfort in the fact that their little one’s tender knees are being protected from painful bumps and scrapes. Since day one, Squeeky Knees has come from a place of love and care, which still goes into the design and manufacturing of every product made in the USA.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.squeekyknees.com 


PITCH: Buffer Bit

About the Company: 
The Buffer Bit doubles as a game-changing shoe care product and a powerful automotive detailing tool. Simply attach the Buffer Bit to any cordless drill for a fast, world-class shoe shine. Switch to the natural pad and polish your car, motorcycle or boat. Re-Define your shine with the amazing Buffer Bit!

 LEARN MORE: Visit www.bufferbit.com  



About the Company: 
U-Lace is the maker of U-Lace Sneaker Customizing Laces. U-Laces are elastic shoelace inserts that empower consumers to lace multiple colors and patterns into their sneakers while transforming lace-up sneakers into slip-ons. Named #1 Best of 10 Hot New Products in Japan and sold in over 40 countries around the world and some or the worlds coolest tends shops, U-Lace empowers consumers to “Color Their World.” Whether a person is a sneaker-head, fashion-freak, skateboarder, cheerleader, sports fan, or just wanting to show some school or team spirit, U-Lace’s line of 50 colors empowers consumers to Color The World, their way. U-Lace also offers school fund raising and custom programs.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.u-lace.com 

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