Season 5 Episode 21 Chapul, Garage Door Lock, Morninghead, Packback

03/22/14 Season 5 TV-PG

PITCH:  Chapul

About the Company:
Chapul is the creator of the world's first Cricket Bar. Using techniques inspired by ancient cultures, we mill a protein-dense flour from crickets and add that to our all-natural gourmet energy bars. Our Original Cricket Bars introduce the Western Diet to insects as a healthy, delicious, and sustainable form of nutrition. Feed the Revolution!

LEARN MORE: Visit http://www.chapul.com


PITCH: Garage Door Lock

About the Company: 
The Garage Door Lock is a patented deadbolt locking system from Elocksys, Inc. that helps prevent burglary and theft. The Garage Door Lock uses rolling code technology that is responsive only to the individaully-programmed Elocksys garage door remote, thus preventing the garage door from being opened with a store-bought remote. The Garage Door Lock also shuts and locks the garage door if it is left open, and it’s safety features include audible and visual warnings before the door closes. So remember: DON'T JUST CLOSE IT, LOCK IT!!!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.elocksys.com


PITCH: Morninghead

About the Company: 
Morninghead cures bed head in seconds. It's a super absorbent cap that holds over 6x its weight in water without dripping. Add water, put it on your head, and seconds later your hair is completely wet for styling. No mess. No dripping. Bed head's gone. The reusable, washable cap is perfect for anyone who showers at night or anytime you need to fix messy hair. No more wetting your hair in the sink. Take control of your morning routine today - and after all, nobody ever regrets getting Morninghead.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.morninghead.com  


PITCH: Packback

About the Company: 
Packback rents digital textbooks for $5 or less and allows students to compare prices when buying or selling textbooks, ensuring students obtain the best deal on a major college expense. We are a student-founded, student-run Chicago startup that is shifting control back into the hands of students when buying or selling expensive textbooks.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.packbackbooks.com  

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