Season 5 Episode 22 Kodiak Cakes, Monkey Mat, Plated, The Paint Brush Cover

04/05/14 Season 5 TV-PG

PITCH:  Kodiak Cakes

About the Company:
Kodiak Cakes creates 100% whole grain and all natural products that taste amazing. Based on an old Utah family recipe, Kodiak Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix went from being sold in paper lunch sacks to neighbors out of a red wagon in 1982, to being sold in ski-town gift shops in 1995, to now being sold in over 7000 grocery stores nationwide including Target, Safeway, Meijer, and many more. Our whole grain flapjack and waffle mixes are incredibly light and fluffy and you only add water to make them. People write to us every day to tell us Kodiak Cakes is the best pancake mix they've ever tried. Then they tell us they can't believe they are so healthy. You and your kids will love our whole grain and all natural products.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.kodiakcakes.com


PITCH: Monkey Mat

About the Company: 
MONKEY MAT: Your portable floor. Designed by fun moms who know life gets dirty! Whether for life in full swing or just monkeying around, Monkey Mat protects you and your family from any questionably clean floor - everywhere you explore. Perfect for picnics, travel, beach, concerts, sports events & more. Water repellent, weighted corners, loops for stakes, machine washable. No more bulky blankets!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.monkeymat.com


PITCH: Plated

About the Company: 
Plated delivers chef-designed recipes and fresh ingredients directly to your door so that you can relax and enjoy the cooking experience.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.plated.com  


PITCH: The Paint Brush Cover

About the Company: 
Likwid Concepts mission is to make the job of a Professional Painter, or anyone who has ever painted, much easier and more convenient, as well as helping them save time and money! Their first product, "The Paint Brush Cover" is a simple, yet clever tool that solves two problems. It allows you to store your paint covered brush during breaks, for hours, days, even weeks without fear of it drying out. It also protects your valuable brush from damage when not in use, allows for safe and easy storage, and its great for the environment. Their new product, "The Roller Cover" serves the same purpose, but for rollers. Have you covered up yet??

LEARN MORE: Visit www.thepaintbrushcover.com  

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