Season 5 Episode 29 Season Finale: Baker's Edge, Foot Fairy, Tie-Not, BZBOX

05/16/14 Season 5 TV-PG

PITCH:  Baker's Edge

About the Company:
Baker's Edge is tiny bakeware company that makes super funky, high quality pans and baking accessories right here in the USA. Best known for their invention, the Edge Brownie Pan - this husband and wife company has created a whole line of bakeware that takes a fresh look at the "standard baking pan". By embracing good design, best quality, and big personality they continue to throw curve balls to their competitors while building their fan club numbers. Their pans have been widely acclaimed for their innovation since launching in 2006 and have garnered rave reviews from amateur and professional bakers everywhere.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.bakersedge.com


PITCH: Foot Fairy

About the Company: 
Foot Fairy makes foot measuring and shoe shopping simple and fun!!! Foot Fairy is a free iPad app created by two working moms (a podiatrist and a therapist) which effortlessly measures your child's growing feet. Just place your child's foot against the iPad and it will automatically scan his/her shoe size. You then have the option to go directly to a pre-populated page on Zappos filled with shoes in your child's shoe size.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.footfairy.com


PITCH: Tie-Not

About the Company: 
Tie-Not revolutionized the water balloon industry and solved the age old, problematic task, of tying water balloons. Wayne Sikorcin, Auroa IL invented, as well as, patented his unique tying and filling device in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. Tie-Not is the BEST way to fill & tie water balloons in seconds, right off the garden hose. From campgrounds to specialty toy stores and even making appearances in mass retail, the Tie-Not water balloon filler and tying device has shown parents and children alike that water balloons are great summer fun. No more, does mom cringe when the kids walk in with a bag of water balloons. Now, the kids tie them themselves!

LEARN MORE: Visit www.tie-not.com



About the Company: 
BZbox is where origami meets home storage. The inventor, Kaeya Majmundar, a third year undergraduate at Emory University, developed a patent pending collapsible storage box design. Her design allows customers to pop open the box for their storage needs, and then collapse it flat for later use. BZbox beats its competitors in that its design makes it sturdier, and more versatile because it can be made in a variety of different materials, meeting just about every storage need you can imagine! The BZBox is one of Kaeya's many products and you can find more info about all of them at www.thebzbox.com.

LEARN MORE: Visit www.thebzbox.com 

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