Season 3, Episode 2

By Jul 25, 2013
Ryan Naylor was inspired while on European vacation to launch Esso Watches in the United States. The only watch in the world that claims to provide health benefits. Ryan "injects" negative ions into every watch. These ions counteract the positive ions we pick up daily from televisions, computers and various types of electronics and in turn the watches promote energy, balance, flexibility & health. Esso Watches made over $100,000 in it's first year of business with a 75% profit margin. They are currently on track to double their business for 2011. Even though he doesn't have a patent, Ryan wants Esso to be the Nike of watches. With the Shark's investment, Ryan plans on purchasing more inventory for outstanding orders.

Jared Joyce is a cocky young inventor who is not afraid to brag that he has more patents than he can count. After years of tinkering he thinks he has finally hit on an idea that will make him hundreds of millions: a patented No-Tools-Required furniture joint system. This system allows any four-sided design of furniture to be assembled with the No-Tools-Required system, including a bookshelf that can be assembled in less than two minutes.

What could be more delicious than a pretzel covered in chocolate? How about 200 different variations of pretzels covered in everything from chocolate to peanut butter to caramel - just to name a few. That is what stay-at-home Mom Raven Thomas has created with her company The Painted Pretzel. These gourmet treats are currently selling in upscale retail stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue. Just recently, Raven completed a $60,000 order for TJMaxx. Mega-wholesale chain Sam's Club just put in an order for two-million dollars in product, but unfortunately, she had to turn it down because there wasn't enough capital for production… that's where the Sharks come in.
Rick Hopper couldn't stop losing his glasses, and he knew he wasn't alone. So Rick took to his garage and fashioned the first Readerest, a magnetic and practically invisible patented clip that secures glasses to your shirt wherever you go! This tiny product only starting selling in January 2011, and it has already seen big results; offered at Ace Hardware and Walgreens. He's hoping that the Sharks don't misplace their reading glasses so they can get a clear look at just how much money they would make if they invest in Readerest!