Season 2 Episode 1 Homecoming

10/18/12 Season 2 PG D, L

George & Tessa's Storyline: Tessa is back in the suburbs after a fun-filled summer visiting her grandma in New York City. George is happy to have her back, but he's a little surprised (and slightly upset) to hear about her new interest in her mom. After learning mommy dearest was a talented singer and guitar player, Tessa is curious to see if they share that in common. So, Tessa signs up for the biggest talent show of the year: Chatswin's Fall Follies. At first, Tessa convinces herself that she sucks and nearly backs out of the show. Finally, George comes to the rescue and gives her the encouragement she needs to perform a beautiful rendition of the show's theme song. You can watch her performance here!
Dallas & Dalia & Noah's Storyline: Dallas is shocked to learn that Dalia's nanny, Carmen, is thinking about leaving to raise Noah's newborn. Dallas tries to do everything in her power to pursuade Carmen to stay, but it's pretty difficult when Noah is sending her gift baskets, cruise tickets and even a car to woo her away. After a bitter feud and a grueling round of rock-paper-scissors, Noah gets to keep Carmen.  

dalia royce nanny poem
At first, Dalia doesn't even care that Carmen might be leaving. Then, after mulling it over, it finally sinks in how tragic her life will be without her nanny. Who will order her takeout?! She expresses her sadness in a poem she recites to Tessa (below). We all have to grow up some time.
The Shays' Storyline: Meanwhile in the Shay household, Lisa confronts her parents about Ryan's adoption. She uses her knowledge as leverage to get what she wants, including the coveted solo in the Fall Follies that Ryan usually gets every year. Her parents worry that Lisa will expose the truth if they don't do as their told. Sheila confronts Lisa, letting her know that if Ryan finds out he's adopted, he will leave to find his birth parents, which leaves Lisa all alone with her mom. Wait a second. All alone with just her mother?! That's Lisa's worst nightmare! She and the family burn the evidence of Ryan's adoption and decide to live in peace with the biggest family secret in Chatswin.
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