Season 2 Episode 2 The Witch of East Chatswin

10/25/12 Season 2 PG L
Tessa's Storyline: It's Halloween in Chatswin and spooky things are happening. Tessa is getting cryptic messages from Sheila's childhood enemy, Paula, who is more commonly known as, "The Witch of East Chatwin."

Sheila warns Tessa to stay away from her, but Tessa can't help herself. So, when Tessa gets an invitation to meet up with Paula, she accepts. Turns out she isn't a witch at all, just a feminist who hasn't had any work done. Paula overheard that Tessa had similiar beliefs, so she was just looking for someone to talk to. Mid-conversation, Sheila and her army barge in and threaten "The Witch." She then disappears without a trace.


Dallas & George's Storyline: Dallas is Barbie for Halloween and she's gathered up the courage to invite George to be her Ken. George immediately turns down the offer, scoffing at the idea that he would ever dress up as Ken. Dallas feels rejected, so she invites Dalia to be her Skipper.

Out of costume ideas, George decides to dress up as Noah for Halloween because Noah is dressing up as George.


 Serious sacrifices must to be made. 


At the Halloween party, Dalia confesses that her mom is really upset that George wouldn't be her Ken. Embarrassed, George asks out Dallas on a real date. She accepts.

: Check out the gang's awesome Halloween costumes!

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