Season 2 Episode 3 Ryan's Song

11/01/12 Season 2 PG D
Dallas & George's StorylineLove is in the Chatswin air! George is looking forward to his first date with Dallas because they've surpassed the awkward let's-get-to-know-each-other stage. Dallas, on the other hand, is using her first date as an opportunity to really impress George. Dalia assists with the opening act, which consists of two outfit changes, loud music and flashy lights. 
After complaining about the restaurant George picked out, George fumbles with her jacket.

 dalia said what? suburgatory
When they get to Dallas's pick for fine dining, her life coach shows up to chaperone the date. Dallas invited him to make sure the night goes smoothly. George is extremely irritated by the third wheel and makes no attempt to conceal it. After George drops him off, Dallas is very upset. All she wanted was the perfect first date. When she runs into the rain, which makes her make up run and her hair wet, George laughs it all off. He reminds her that if this relationship is going to work she has to stop putting on an act and just be herself. Basically, he wants none of this:
Tessa & Ryan & Lisa's Storyline: Now that Lisa knows that Ryan's adopted, she's nicer to him. She doesn't want Ryan to ever leave for his birth parents because she never wants to be alone with just her mom and dad. Meanwhile, Tessa is currently scared for her life babysitting Noah's baby in his big creepy mansion, so she calls Lisa for back up. Being the nice sister she is, she sends over Ryan who is still in love with Tessa. Ryan comes to the rescue, but he's having a little crisis of his own. He's convinced that Lisa has been nice to him because he's dying. Tessa convinces him otherwise, and they end the night with a kiss.

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