Season 2 Episode 4 Foam Finger

11/08/12 Season 2 PG D, L, S
Dallas & George's Storyline: When George enters Dallas's bedroom after a hot date, he is surprised by yet another one of Dallas's extravagant scenes. This time, Dallas is hanging from the ceiling in a sexy outfit. 

George is confused by Dallas's idea of a good time, but before he can say anything, Dallas brings in a gospel choir.

Finally, when he has Dallas alone, she screams out in pleasure before he even gets to kiss her. George is totally confused, but he doesn't say anything. Later, George finds out that Dallas is telling the whole neighborhood what a great lover he is. 

He has no choice but to tell her that he doesn't need his ego stroked. Instead, all he wants is her honesty. Dallas is surprised that any man would want this, but she agrees to it. Finally, when they actually go to bed, she's brutally honest. Maybe the ego stroking wasn't so bad after all. 
Dallas & Tessa's Storyline: Meanwhile, Dalia ditches the KKK to be BFFs with her dad's new fiancee, who is apparently the funniest person on earth. Just look at Dalia's reaction to her text message:

When Dalia finds out her dad and his fiancee elope without her, she's devestated (well, as devestated as Dalia can be). To make matters worse, she feels neglected by her mom ever since she started dating George. Eventually, Tessa convinces Dalia to snap out of it and everything returns to Chatswin's idea of normal.
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