Season 2 Episode 5 The Wishbone

11/15/12 Season 2 PG D, L

Tessa's Storyline: Gobble, gobble! Chatswin prepares for Thanksgiving traditions, both new and old. Dallas decides to cook dinner instead of hiring someone, Malik joins The Shays for dinner and Tessa meets her mother, Alex. That’s right, Tessa Altman will no longer be the girl who has never met her mother. Tessa travels all the way to NYC to see Alex, but she discovers that she’s been stood up...

After Thanksgiving dinner with just her grandma, Tessa returns to Chatswin with a heavy heart. When she gets inside, she runs into Alex. It turns out she just mixed up locations and ended up at George’s house. 


At first it’s really awkward and Alex almost goes home, but after a little persuasion from Dallas, Alex heads up to Tessa’s room. They bond over music and Alex even makes her laugh. It looks like the beginning of a real mother-daughter relationship.
Malik & Lisa's Storyline: Not everyone in Chatswin has something to be thankful for, however. Across the street, Sheila accidentally walks in on Malik naked. They try to not make it awkward, but Lisa is horrified. So horrified, in fact, that she breaks up with Malik on the spot. She can’t look at him without thinking of her mother looking at him naked. Malik calls her immature and Lisa spends the evening crying in the bathroom. Let’s hope this isn’t really the end to their love story.
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