Season 2 Episode 6 Friendship Fish

11/29/12 Season 2 PG
George's Storyline: George is getting comfortable in his relationship with Dallas – a little too comfortable. He embraces the suburban lifestyle by baking croissants and even fixing up the garden in a sun hat. George has come a long way from his days in the city. So far, in fact, that his friends from NYC stop by and hardly recognize him. They criticize his new ways, but he’s okay with it. He likes who he's become and doesn’t need their approval anymore. 

Tessa & Lisa's Storyline: 
Ever since Lisa started dating Malik, Tessa has become independent. She discovers that she doesn’t need a boyfriend, she doesn’t need a friend, she just needs her new tablet to keep her company. Games, reading and more – what more could a girl want? Well, across the street, Lisa wants Malik.

He’s out of town and it’s driving her crazy. To cure her loneliness, she bothers Tessa by making her do craft projects and other boring activities. Tessa endures the torture for most of the night but puts her foot down when Lisa asks Tessa to partake in eating a "friendship fish" – a fish Lisa has been smoking in her room for over a month. Tessa hides in the bathroom and calls Lisa's mom to tell a lie to get her in trouble. Lisa is forced to return home and Tessa can finally spend some quality time with her tablet. In the middle of the night, however, Tessa hears the friendship fish calling out her name... 
 tessa's friendship fish
It ends up just being a traumatizing nightmare, but it's enough to scare Tessa into owing Lisa an apology. They decide to eat their friendship fish and forget the whole thing... sort of. Tessa ends up with food poisoning, learning the hard way that you shouldn't smoke a fish for more than a few hours. Oops.
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